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Web design services

Web design

Compete design of your website start to finish
$ 375 One time payment
  • Professional website that will allow you to crush your competition
  • (Optional) SSL and hosting free of charge with purchase of this package
  • 100% guarantee delivery within 2 weeks of purchase date

Website renovation

Compete Redesign of your website start to finish
$ 275 One time payment
  • Retain more potential clients and prospects with a modern, easy to navigate website
  • Professional redesign of your website bringing it into the 21th century
  • 100% guarantee delivery within 2 weeks of purchase date

lOGO Production

Every business need a professional logo
$ 100 One time payment
  • Let us create a a professional logo that will be the foundation of your brand
  • 100% guarantee delivery within 2 weeks of purchase date gua
  • 10 FREE revisions of the Logo, we are not happy until you are
  • The full rights to use your logo as you please


Compete management of your website
Per package
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  • Professional website management to keep your website up and running
  • Get your time back from running the day to day activities
  • 100% guarantee satisfaction


Compared to other web design services out there $400 USD or $508 CAD is a great deal for a website design and SEO. Most places charge an upwards of $1000 USD or $1272 CAD for the same exact service and quality. The reason why we can afford to offer you such a good price is because we are a small business family own and operated business with very little overhead, therefore we can afford to pass those saving on to you while at the same time providing you a high quality, fully functioning website.

Compared to other website renovation service which typically charge an upward of 500 USD or 637 CAD for the exact same service we provide. Because we are small family business with little overhead and maintenance cost we can pass on those saving to you the customer while still netting a healthy profit margin. Its a win win!

SSL or secure sockets layer is that little lock you see to the left of the URL(The web address). SSL is a protocol that ensure that all any personal information like email address, names, physical addresses and credit card information can not be stolen by a third party entity. SSL ensures the customer connection to your website is secure and encrypted allowing a safe space for sensitive information. Additionally Google and many other search engine will actually prevent people visiting your website by prompting them to actually leave your website because it is not have an SSL certificate, or in other words, your website is not secure. Many hacker prey on website without SSL certificates  just waiting for a person to input their personal information for malicious reasons like fraud, identity theft and so much more. If you want to look trustworthy and reputable on the web, you MUST have an SSL certificate.

Upon purchase of our web design services you will receive 1 year of complimentary tech support. This includes software updates, bug fixes, website optimization, plugin optimization and so much more. As a part of the Alberto G Productions family we promise to look after you and your website far long after the initial purchase. 

Upon purchase you get 5 free complete site revisions in which we will go over the whole website together making sure to change anything you would like from the biggest issues to the smallest detail until we fully reach your website expectations. Before we actually build your website we ask you a lot of questions pertaining to the functionality and design of your website ensuring we create a website that truly reflects your business and brand that you and your customers will love.

Upon the purchase of your website we can guarantee that your website will be completed within 2 weeks of the purchase date. If we go over the deadline we will refund you 20 percent of the purchase price per day we go over the deadline.

No, we do not offer refunds. But we do offer the "20% a day" rebate plan which applies to all our services here at Alberto G Productions. This mean for everyday we go over the 2 week deadline we will refund you 20% of the purchase price. Therefore you will be receiving $80 the first day, $80 the second, and so fourth until the website is done.



If we suspect that the Client(s) are purposefully trying to delay the web design process according to our terms and conditions we will not refund you anything. Please read our terms and conditions for more information. 

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additional services

SSL And hosting (standalone)

Increase your website security making your business look more reputable
$ 100 One time payment
  • 100% guarantee delivery within 2 weeks of purchase
  • Increase the reputation of your business overnight
  • You'll be taken more seriously by prospects
  • Secure your website from hackers and bad actors

Video production

videos can allow you reach a greater audience and look more reputable
$ 150 One time payment (per video up to 5 minutes)
  • A well made video will show off the best your business has to offer
  • Passive exposure to new clients through services like YouTube
  • 100% guarantee delivery within 2 weeks of purchase
  • 5 FREE revisions, We will change anything you like


The process of creating your logo will take up to 2 weeks from start to finish.

Short answer is: We don't.

Before we start on the video creation process we strongly recommend that you book a free virtual meeting with our team so we can narrow in on what you you really want from your video. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before the creative process.

  1. What is the purpose of my video?
  2. How do I want to my brand, service or idea come off to potential costumers?
  3. How long do I want my video to be?
  4. What do I want to incorporate in my video? 
  5. What specific message do you want your video to convey? 
  6. What platforms do I want my video to be published on?

After our meeting we can start on the video creation process. Additionally after the video is done you will have 5 FREE revisions.  

Short answer: We don't.

Before we can start on the creative process we would highly advise that you book a virtual meeting with us so we can see what you want from your logo. Some questions to keep in mind are.

  1. what do I want my logo to represent?
  2. What colors do I want to incorporate  into my logo?
  3. What are some logos that inspire you?
  4. What are some logo you want to take inspiration from?
  5. What specific images do you want to incorporate into your logo? 

After our call we will have all the information we need to start the creative process. Once the logo is done you will have up to 5 FREE revisions. 

The process of creating your professional video will take up to 2 weeks. 

No, not currently at the moment. But we will be more then happy to direct you to some services that can help you with the copyright process.

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